IMAGINE – Char has a proven track record of helping organizations and individuals achieve success by visually communicating their standards, creating value for all involved.

CREATE – Professional line equipment, staying current and relevant, holding true to personal style, Chars focus is on creating a photo, not taking a photo.

COLLABORATE – Char recognizes that each client brings their own strengths and ideas to the table. Char works with you, levering unique skill set to create photos with impact.

DARE – Char is a visionary that sees opportunity in uniqueness where others may not want to risk. She works to refine your visual message.

PREPARE – Char prepares by implementing a pre-session consultation, covering all aspects to support all the details of the shoot.

CONNECT – It is Chars desire to connect you with the world by building a strong rapport and support the integrity of yourself or company by delivering high quality, unique photographs that showcase what sets you apart.

DELIVER – The strong visual message Char delivers will gain the trust and respect of those you serve.